Sarmad Attar Bashi

summER/wintER synopsIS

My show Summer / Winter Berlin is a document of my past eighteen months in this mysterious city. It reflects the dark strain of Winter: And the withdrawal within. And the passionate release offered by the warmth of Summer. The outpouring of the spirit:
The journey into the mind countered by the physical journey outwards. The balance of the deathly spirit & the life energy, that make up Berlin.

The Summer series explores the baring of Berlin flesh. The freedom of expression. The acceptance of naked, imperfect beauty. The unbridled embrace of nature. The rekindling of the fire that is the Berlin spirit.

The Winter series reaches inward: To the chaos of dark inner searching. The journey within, to explore the creative drive that is also a part of the Berlin expression. Toward distance & pain. Isolation born of a season of harsh climes.

Photographed with an emphasis upon naturalism. Images taken directly from the moment. As caught in the camera's eye. Without post doctoring. An attempt to let the instant define the experience.